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Alex Winston - August 2, 2008

Alex Winston Opened for Ted Nugent at Billy Bob's on August 2, 2008Alex Winston review

Detroit teenage rocker Alex Winston has nailed down a plum gig opening for The Motor City Madman on his 2008 U.S. Tour. She's got the look. She's got the moves and she's got the style of a Guitar God (Goddess in this case) combined with a certain raw sexiness that even her flannel shirt and tight-fitting jeans cannot conceal.

Their unabashed hard, romping rock and roll is perfect for Nugent's tour. Her band, consisting of 2 more guitars, bass and drums, is definitely hard rock, with influences from most current popular bands. It's powerful and the energy is excellent but I didn't hear any A-List material out of their brief set. This girl has potential. She's a hard-rock chanteuse who loves the stage and has all the right moves. Pretty, petite, wild and sexy, she just needs some better material to pull it all together.

Review by Warren Paul Harris, staff writer

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