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Maylee Thomas Fuller - June 12, 2010

Randy Travis at Billy Bob's - March 21, 2009 I was invited to see Maylee perform by a mutual friend and had not heard of her until that time. We arrived at The Flying Pig (basically a biker bar) early enough to meet everyone and find decent seats.

When Maylee and her band, took the stage, it was clear she has a small, but loyal following in the area by their enthusiastic response.

Maylee's style is basically Gospel Rock and consists of her own compositions while she channels Janis Joplin. There were times when her voice gave me chills, the effect was So like Janis in her prime. -- and I was fortunate enough to have seen Janis with Big Brother and the Holding Company dozens of times prior to her death - and to be on a first name basis with her.

Maylee has great style, energy and a voice that goes from sweet to gritty and back again. It's a powerful show.

Review by Warren Paul Harris, staff writer

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